Kenya Ruarai Peaberry /// 250 gram

Kenya Ruarai Peaberry /// 250 gram

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Rips, rabarbra og frukt coctail.

Peaberry er bærene som vokser ytterst på busken og har 1 frø i seg istedet for 2 som er typisk en kaffebær. Den er veldig intens på smak og sykt fruktig. 

  • Importert fra Nordic Approach.
  • Hele Bønner, send beskjed om du ønsker malt kaffe.
  • Cupping score: 89


  • Botanisk Varietet: Coffea arabica, Sl28, sl34 og ruiri 11.
  • Prosess: Vaska
  • Plukket i: 2020
  • Kooperativ: Ruarai, Nyeri regionen.


Dette sier bonden/importøren om kaffen.

Region - Nyeri

Veksthøyde 1700-1800 meter over havet

Ruarai is a Kikuyu name meaning “place of rocks,” which refers to the very rock-filled Ruarai River that flows down along the coffee factory (mill), and which the factory is named after. The factory is also in a popular location, near an open-air market called Gakindu that sells livestock and produce.

The Ruthaka Farmers’ Cooperative Society is approximately 600 members strong and collectively harvests approximately 280 tons of coffee cherry per year.

Coffee trees in this area— at the foot of Mt. Kenya, with its rich, red volcanic soil—flower between February and March, and harvesting occurs between October and December. Temperatures here range from around 55–77 F, and the area receives around 55 inches of rain each year.

Coffees at the Ruarai factory are fermented with fresh river water and the dried in the sun on raised beds.

Cupping notes: Apricot, peach, herby, sweet and juicy.

Roasting profile

We roast our coffee with massive respect for the farmers. We simply want the least interference with the green coffee and turn up the volume to 11 in flavors. We want our coffee selection to be sweet, berry driven cups with a signature. We always roast light, so it is possible to recognize the flavor profile in the cup.

 Even if we roast a high acidic coffee from Kenya or a low altitude Brazil, we always aim for the sweet spot where clarity, fruit profile, and flavors are aligned, and as clear as possible. We are inspired by the natural wine industry and alternative culture to grow as coffeenauts as well as science. Our signature is always clean, exciting cups of coffee and hopefully, you can notice our signature in the fruity profile.

Roasting coffee for us is an art between mastering your head, your heart, and your hands - which makes us grow spiritually. This is not a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle!