Kenya, Ruarai AB /// 1 kg

Kenya, Ruarai AB /// 1 kg

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Pasjonsfrukt, floral og tonnevis av frukt.

  • En bonde - en gård prosjekt (såkalt single-origin på Engelsk).
  • Botanisk Varietet: Coffea Arabica, SL28, SL34-
  • Prosess: Vaska
  • Plukket: 2021
  • Kooperativ: Ruthaka farmers society.


Litt om kaffen.

Ruarai is also the name of the river that passes through the area, and this is where they get their clean water for their processing. The factory is under the Ruthaka Farmers Cooperative Society. They are supported by Tropical farm management, a company that supports small holders to increase their coffee production as well as help the factories on quality control and trace ability related to processing. The factory is also giving out the fruit after pulping for the farmers to make compost. The coffees are traditionally processed with dry fermentation before washed and graded in channels and dried on raised beds. The farmers are mainly growing SL28 and SL34, but might also have other varieties mixed in.

Price paid to the Farmer Cooperative Society: USD 8.60 / kg of sorted green coffee
FOB: USD 11.17 / kg