Brasil, Diamond Santos ///  Espresso 1 kg

Brasil, Diamond Santos /// Espresso 1 kg

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Nuts, nuttier, dried fruits and chocolate.

Dette er forhåndsalg da vi har skaffet et nytt parti som er klar for salg 16 september.

  • Utvalgt av Tony
  • Mange bønder, et kooperativ
  • Smaker sjokolade, nøtter og tørka frukt
  • Hele bønner 1 kg

Denne espressoen er designet for å nytes som en espresso og være i melkebaserte drikker . Den tilbyr stabilitet år etter år, uten å bli for komplisert.


  • Botanisk varietet: Coffea arabica, Bourbon
  • Prosess: Pulped Natural
  • Plukka og foredlet: 2020
  • Kooperativ: Cooxupé


Brygge profil:

  • 18 gram kaffe.
  • 28-32 bryggetid.
  • 40 gram etter brygging.

Dette sier bonden/importøren om kaffen.

A reliable and straight forward coffee that ask fewer questions than a dog. This is a very kind and gentle coffee that works for all occasions, somewhat of a crowd-pleaser. 
COFFEE GRADE NY2 17/18 ss 
REGION: Minas Gerais
FARM/COOP/STATION: Various small farmers 
ALTITUDE: 1,100+ meters above sea level
OWNER: Cooxupé member estates

Cooxupé has a long history in Brazil. It was founded in 1932 as a cooperative that provided agricultural credit. In 1957, Cooxupé developed into the Regional Coffee Growers’ Cooperative of Guaxupé. After their redesign the cooperative began buying, milling and selling coffee to an international market. With over 60 years of experience in the national and international sector, Cooxupé is a standard in the Brazilian coffee industry. 

Today, they sell their coffee to companies in more than 40 countries. They represent approximately 12,000 members. Their producers work in Sul de Minas and Cerrado in the Minas Gerais region as well as growers in the Rio Pardo Valley in São Paulo. Ninety-seven percent of those members are small-scale farming families. For these members, they own small plots of land and coffee production is their main source of income, so receiving remunerative prices is vital to their continued livelihoods. 

As a big player in coffee in Brazil, Cooxupé takes their social responsibility towards their members seriously. In the rural areas where the cooperative works they have developed health and scholarship programs and provided education and agricultural training. In these trainings, they put a lot of focus on future generations of coffee farmers and building sustainable farming systems. 

An extremely successful program of theirs, called Escola Consciente, won the Andef Award in 2014. The Andef Award is considered one of the most important awards in Brazilian agriculture. 

Cooxupé continues to utilise their size to make a difference. In 2013 they launched the Environmental Education Center to help reduce the impact of farming by encouraging future generations of farmers to be even more eco-conscious.

Roasting profile

We roast our coffee with massive respect for the farmers. We simply want the least interference with the green coffee and turn up the volume to 11 in flavors. We want our coffee selection to be sweet, berry driven cups with a signature. We always roast light, so it is possible to recognize the flavor profile in the cup.

 Even if we roast a high acidic coffee from Kenya or a low altitude Brazil, we always aim for the sweet spot where clarity, fruit profile, and flavors are aligned, and as clear as possible. We are inspired by the natural wine industry and alternative culture to grow as coffeenauts as well as science. Our signature is always clean, exciting cups of coffee and hopefully, you can notice our signature in the fruity profile.

Roasting coffee for us is an art between mastering your head, your heart, and your hands - which makes us grow spiritually. This is not a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle!